ICC - National Heart Failure Registry

Background for the study

Despite advances in the treatment of coronary artery disease, studies - both local and global, confirm an alarming increase in morbidity and mortality in India compared to the global best-in-class benchmark. Heart failure facts in India needs to be gathered scientifically and carefully investigated before specific areas can be targeted for improvement. The National Heart Failure Registry of Indian College of Cardiology is precisely an initiative to facilitate this. The study plan aims to enrol 10,000 patients with acute decompensated heart failure, as they get admittance into government or private hospitals across various states.

The Proforma will capture over 150 parameters on a per patient basis including information on demographics, clinical patterns, and diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for these patients. The study objectives includes making recommendations to improve planning and utilization of resources towards achieving the best-in-class standards nationally. A pilot of the study was launched in four South Indian States in August 2018 and now been expanded to achieve a national footprint as indicated under Overall Plan and Phases. The current status can be viewed in the live dashboard.

Dr.Jayagopal P B
National Co-ordinator & Principal Investigator
ICC - National Heart Failure Registry