ICC - National Heart Failure Registry

Desired Objectives

This primary objective of this study is to document the demographics, clinical patterns, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in patients diagnosed with heart failure across various states in India. This would include patients developing acute heart failure during their hospitalization phase.

Baseline data will be obtained on clinical presentation, demographics, laboratory parameters, ECG, CXR, Echocardiography. The diagnostic patterns, treatment protocol and practice patterns will be documented. These patients will be followed up at 30 days, and 1 year. This is a prospective observational registry designed to enroll patients with heart failure in a pan Indian Population. The initial six months of the study enrolled patients from Centres located in South India and since then it is being extended to the rest of India.

The secondary objective is to analyse this data and garner insights into the various etiological factors, co-morbid conditions; diagnostic modalities used and practice patterns and challenges faced in heart failure treatment. The economic impact, gap in guideline directed treatment and follow up could be addressed. This would help in planning better utilization of resources, which may have to be modified in a country like India.

Primary objective Gain a clear understanding of the clinical, demographic, and etiological factors of HF in the country. Estimates of mortality, nonfatal outcomes, and rehospitalisation would also be obtained.
Secondary objective To understand the diagnostic and therapeutic options offered along with the prognostic parameters and practice patterns.
Inclusion criteria Patients above 18 years of age, admitted to hospital ICU/ward of the participating centres, clinically diagnosed with Acute HF.
Exclusion criteria Patients not willing and available for follow up